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From first broad races, to propelling Chandrayan and by and large development, we list India's accomplishments since autonomy 

"At the stroke of the 12 PM hour, when the world rests, India will conscious to life and opportunity." These were words from any normal discourse as well as the absolute first Prime Minister of Independent India was tending to the country for the absolute first time. This independence he claimed was not free, we had to pay a huge price for it. Many have sacrificed their valuable lives, thousands have attained martyrdom so that this coming generation would be able to live a life of liberty.

As India celebrates its 74th Independence day on 15th August 2020, it is of utmost importance and prestige and that we remember all those because of whom we are able to live freely today. We have had challenges in the social, political and cultural sphere of governance but we have been able to breach the fortress of distress and anguish every time through peace and harmony.
When India gained independence on 15th August 1947, many power centres and political experts of the West claimed that we could not even survive as a democracy for 10 years. The founding fathers of our nation realized the values of the constitution and ensured equality, liberty and justice to all irrespective of religion, caste, race or sex. The Constitution framers also sensed the upcoming dangers on our democracy and made certain that this earned democracy will not anyhow be changed to majoritarian rule. When the West claimed that India would not be able to accommodate such a large diversity and would tear apart in the near future, our standing up together till now is one of the biggest accomplishments. But why did not we break apart? The answer is because of the remarkable generation of Indians in the Constituent Assembly who united the country politically, emotionally, and socially, legitimising this unity through the document we call the Constitution of India.

In the event that India had been a beginning up in August 1947, not even the most bold of investors would have put resources into it. No new country was brought into the world in more unfriendly conditions. The Partition of the nation had been terrible enough, in the size of its viciousness and the mass removal of individuals from their homes. This happened against the setting of food shortcomings, deficiencies of unfamiliar trade, and the refusal of the enormous and deliberately imperative royal states to join the Indian Union. The inquiry despite everything remains that what has really been accomplished in every one of these years after freedom?
When the country attained independence, the literacy was less than 10%. The market was ruined by the British. Economic growth could no where be seen. Public institutions were not developed. Schools, colleges and hospitals were still a big dream even for the middle class. Agriculture existed but was in primitive state. Industries were in poor condition. Labour laws were even worse. Average life expectancy was hardly 30-35 years. There was a huge difference in sex ratio. Connectivity was not visible. People were distressed. Per capita income as claimed by the famous Socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia was a meagre 3 anna. Nobody could think of a self-reliant India which Gandhiji used to preach about. This was the India which had to be re built, reformed and re developed.

With the effort of every government at both Centre and State Levels, we have been able to get a literacy of about 75% today. Average life expectancy has increased to 60-62 years. Schools and educational institutions are developed. The movements like Green and White revolution strengthened the areas of Agriculture and made us self-reliant to an extent. The introduction of LPG policy and new economic reforms of 1991 opened the Indian markets, stopped the License Raj and flooded India with Foreign Direct Investment. This led to the emergency of the ‘Middle Class’ and shot up the Per Capita Income of the nation.
We had faced some threats and tough challenges when the democracy we earned was at the risk of been taken over by an authoritative rule. But we have had people like Justice Khurana of the Supreme Court who had the spine ro say that Right to life could not be abrogated even under Emergency. Emergency of 1975-77 still remains a blot on the Indian democracy.

Our policy of Kashmir also remains troublesome and not very successful. All the governments have tried but what has been missing is that we have never been able to win the trust of Kashmiris. Recently, it became the only state in any democracy to be put without any internet connection for such a long period of time. Time has come that the sufferings of Kashmiris finally end and they rightfully get what they deserve from the Indian state.

Another aspect where no significant change has been made is the subject of Casteism and Untouchability. It still exists in various forms. Casteism is often made a tool in Indian electoral politics to win votes. It just acts as a tokenistic representation wherein for the sake of it, a few are benefitted and rest are just left behind. The objective to bring several tribal communities into the mainstream is still seen nowhere near of being accomplished. They too are left behind. The atrocities on Dalits are increasing day by day. It is still something to be looked and worked upon.

Another adversity which needs attention is the problem of increasing intolerance and mob lynchings. The cases of increasing violence due to religious disparities is something that is jeopardizing for the secularism of this nation. 

India has always taught the world the lesson of ‘Unity in Diversity’. We have always believed in the saying ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ i.e the whole planet is our family. The cases where a mob lynches an individual brings shame to the entire nation. All lives are equally important. Fundamentalism and Extremism are both hazardous for the Indian democracy.

It is worth mentioning that we have come up a long way in these 74 years. We have achieved much and yet to accomplish much more. It is the idea of Indian nationalism which holds and binds us. We are still a democracy because we have been to respect every opinion. Criticism is always necessary for the existence of a healthy and successful democracy. This is what Indian nationalism is all about.

An instance which can be recalled here is when India became independent in 1947, many social groups including the Communist Party of India termed this Azaadi (Independence) as a hoax and refused to believe that India is free. They never believed it till the further 10 years and mobilised others to believe the same. But Nehru and Patel never called them ‘Anti-Nationals’. They wanted to instead talk to them and hold deliberations but they never put them behind the bars for not believing that we were not independent.

The space you provide for the opposition or dissidence is what that determines the efficiency of a democracy. It is high time that we learn this lesson soon and start working on what is left to be worked upon.

From: Soumodeep Kundu (nani)
wish you all happy Independence day

Thursday, August 6, 2020

The most effective method to Improve Your Memory

The most effective method to Improve Your Memory 

Those first indications of slipping memory can be a bit of disturbing particularly on the off chance that you know the dismalness of that course. You may initially observe it in your 40s, or perhaps more youthful, with amnesia side effects like more slow facial review or where you left your keys. 

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Utilize Your Memory Daily, Your cerebrum needs an exercise simply like all of you. It's an instance of use it or lose it', so think carefully consistently. Attempt crosswords, for example , or read an area of the paper you'd regularly skip. You may likewise take an uncommon course to figure , for instance, or become familiar with another dialect or the best approach to play an instrument . 

See Your Friends, You're not an island, buddy. Discouragement and stress can both lead to cognitive decline, which is the reason you'll need to mingle regularly,  particularly on the off chance that you live alone. Be with others and take them up on their solicitations. Life shows signs of improvement when you do. 

Sort out Your Life! So make records and notes of arrangements and things to attempt to during an uncommon scratch pad or on your schedule. Hell, download an application on your iPod and record the main priority. Talk it resoundingly as well, to fortify it in your memory, and registration your undertakings when finished. 

While we're regarding the matter, attempt to remain concentrated on the job that needs to be done and limit interruptions. You're bound to review data in the event that you concentrate explicitly subsequently rather than performing various tasks. Put diversely , spend significant time in what you might want to recall later and you're fit as a fiddle to remember it rapidly. 

Rest soundly, Shut-eye helps your memory. Most grown-ups need seven to eight hours of rest every night. So set aside a few minutes for sufficient rest, head to sleep prior on the off chance that you need to and take a shot at your rest cleanliness. Your memory will an abundance of thanks once you endeavor to recollect stuff ensuing day. 

Eat Healthy, Do you see an example here? Your memory likes sound living. That reaches out to your eating routine, with a lot of organic products, vegetables and entire grains. Select low-fat protein, similar to fish and skinless poultry. Drink many water as well, and watch the liquor consumption. 

Exercise Daily, This lifts blood stream all through your body. That incorporates your noggin. Focus on at least 150 minutes of moderate oxygen consuming action (like strolling) hebdomadally , says the Department of Health and Human Services, or 75 minutes of something with more noteworthy power, such as running, however even two or three 10 moment energetic strolls for each day will do the trick during a squeeze. 

Keep in contact With Your Doctor, Chronic conditions can influence your memory, to say nothing regarding the remainder of your wellbeing. So follow your primary care physician's suggestions, be it for sadness, your kidneys or anything in your clinical record . Audit your prescriptions frequently with your primary care physician also, a few meds can lessen your memory. 

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